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Have you found a wasp nest? Or are wasps inside your house?

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There are over 100 species of wasps. Most of them have two pairs of wings and their waist is often slimmer than the rest of their body. Their sizes and colors vary from one species to the other.

Generally, wasps build their nests outside your house or business premises. They can also build their nests indoors in your attic, wall crevices, and other roof spaces. They are several reasons why wasps come into your home: food, shelter, or by accident.




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Treatment involves the use of approved, safe, pet-friendly pesticides that are almost odorless. The quality of service you get is the best in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

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Signs of A Wasp Nest Near Your Home

  • You notice wasps using a very specific path in a certain location near your house
  • You spot a nest built in the wall cavity of your house or on a nearby tree
  • You notice areas of shaven wood on your fence during spring. Probably, the wood was used by the queen wasp to make a nest near your home.


How to Prevent Wasps

It is always better to prevent a wasp problem than hiring an expert to treat a wasp infestation. It saves you time and resources.

Here a few tips to prevent a wasp problem.

  • Keep your doors and windows closed. These are the major entry points of wasps.
  • Ensure bins are tightly closed. Otherwise, their contents can act as an attraction for wasps.
  • Always watch out for wasps nests especially during summer. The nests can be found in wall crevices, garages, under eaves, and sheds.
  • In case you spot a nest in or around your home, ensure you stay away from that area. Next, call a pest control service near you for expert wasp nest removal services as soon as possible.

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