Opossum Removal

Opossums, also known as possums, can bring many benefits to homes. This includes getting rid of garbage, disposing of nasty bugs, and keeping rodents off your property. Still, opossums are not welcome in many people’s homes. Possums are generally harmless, but they can carry diseases and wreak havoc on the inside of your property.

Still, how can you remove opossums safely and humanely? There are a few different methods you can use to get rid of these pests. But, we’ll talk about the easiest ways to remove your opossum problem here.


How to Remove Opossums From Your Property:


1. Take Care of Your Garden

Opossums love digging around gardens. They will eat almost anything that you plant and they will leave a big mess behind. There are a few ways you can control opossum activity and remove them from your property. But, if you can get rid of this food source or protect it, then the opossum will have no reason to stay in your home.

Try putting a fence around your garden or mesh wire. You can also try harvesting your garden as soon as you can. And, if you don’t leave fruits and veggies out then the possum won’t be able to eat. This will make them more likely to leave.

2. Secure Your Trash

Another food source opossums might be consuming is your trash. Most wildlife issues stem from left-out food and trash that are not properly secured. If you leave your trash open and unprotected, you are asking opossums and other wild animals to come onto your property.

So, make sure to fix this issue right away. Get a sturdy garbage can that will hold all your trash and conceal any smells. After you have done this make sure that pet food and any other food items are not left out.

3. Trap The Opossum and Seal Your Home

Trapping an opossum is another option you can go with. An opossum is not too aggressive so it isn’t hard to trap them. But, when you are trying to relocate these animals you could run into problems. You need to move the opossum far enough from your home and usually, you will need permission from your local authority to move and relocate wild animals.

However, if you can trap the opossum with a snare and let them loose directly outside your home, this can give you time to seal up any holes in your home. Sealing up any holes or openings in your attic or basement should prevent opossum from reentering your property. To learn more about removing opossums from the attic visit opossumattic.com.

4. Use Repellant

Opossum repellant is a cheap and simple solution for opossum removal. You don’t need special permission to use this type of repellant, and most of the time you can create this spray from ingredients found in your kitchen.

However, an opossum can be really persistent. So, try to use other tactics with this method. For instance, spraying repellant and using sprinklers can help you get rid of opossums a lot faster.

5. Use Fencing Around Your Property

Finally, if the other methods of opossum removal are not working, try using a fence around your property. You will have to make your property unappealing to opossums first. This way they will venture out to find new food sources. Then, once they are gone, place a fence around your garden or your yard.

Electrical fences can also be useful for getting rid of any wildlife. As opossums are much less likely to invade a home with these kinds of defenses. Still, make sure to close your doors and windows at night. This is when the opossum is most active and most likely to enter your home.


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