Field Mice

Are you experiencing a mice problem in and around your home? Two common types of mice are likely to be disturbing in your home: the field mice or the deer mice.

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What are Field Mice?

“Field mice” is a name often used to refer to a wide range of mice found in the USA. As their name suggests, they are often found out in the field. But, some species of field mice such as the house mice live in forests or rural homes.

What Do Field Mice Look Like?

The appearance of field mice differs depending on their species. They are mostly black, white, or brown. Field mice are seen to be very curious. And, their tails’ sizes also vary depending on their types.

Field Mice Problem

The most common type of field mice is the house mice. These are very notorious and can get into your home through the tiniest of cracks. A house mouse can fit in a hole as small as ¼ inch wide. They can either gnaw their way into your home, swim, climb, or jump. Yes, they are that determined to come in.

Another unique characteristic of house mice is their sharp memory. They’ll easily memorize their paths to, fro, in, and around your home.

How Serious Are Field Mice?

Field mice can cause extensive damage to your structures. For instance, they gnaw on food containers and contaminate your food with their urine and droppings in the process. Also, when mice gnaw on the electrical wiring in your home, they can cause potentially destructive fires.

Field mice also live dirty greasy spots on the surface of your walls and smelly fecal dropping marks all-around your house.

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Mighty Men Field Mice Control

All our technicians are well-trained to assist in the control and complete removal of field mice and other rodents in your commercial or residential property. Because every rodent problem is different, we come up with unique field mice solutions for each field mice problem.

Field mice control is a continuous process, and so is our treatment process. We’ll first assess the extent of the problem. Then, our team of experts will come and execute the field mice control routines and procedures. That’s not all. We will continue to monitor the infested areas until the mice are completely eradicated.

Our technicians are available to answer any questions you may have. Trust us with every field of mice and rodent removal services. You’ll be pleased with the outcome: a rodent-free home.

Have you noticed mice in your home? Female field mice can reproduce every month. And their offspring take just a few weeks to mature fully.

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