Ant Control

Stepping in a pile of ants while walking outside is something that nobody enjoys. Sleeping in a pile of ants? Your food sitting around a colony of ants? Definitely not interested.

Ants are small, but the impact they can leave in and around a home can be large. They can make your home feel uncomfortable or unclean and even just a few can eventually lead to a larger infestation.


Find the Location


Like many forms of animal or pest control, the first step is figuring out the situation and what your infestation of ants looks like. Investigating where the ants are residing and the places they frequent in your home is the first step in beginning control. You can look for cracks and open edges around your baseboards. They can use even the most minuscule openings as an entrance and an exit, so it is important to watch and track where they go whenever they are seen. Knowing the general direction they are coming from and where they generally go after they have found food can be helpful in finding the nest and the rest of the infestation. Some ants may use your home as both their source of food and their home. Some may gather their sustenance from your kitchen but spend the rest of their time in nests around your backyard. Backyard nests can be a nuisance even though they are not in your home. They can make it difficult to spend a comfortable time in your yard or attract more ants to the yard and eventually the inside of your home. Here is a great resource to learn more about Ant Biology visit

If you believe the ants to be inside your home, be sure to check the baseboard edges, carpet, windows, and doors. They can use any of these. If they have made their way to your kitchen, an easy way to find the nest is to watch where they go after they have picked up food. They will head back to the nest after they have gathered what they need. If the ants are outside, check similar types of areas. The outside of a home is prone to cracks or damage, so check those areas to find where they have settled down. Mighty Men Pest Control can assist you in this initial process. We know where to look and how to track them down. Different types of ants have different preferences and living habits, so a professional can help you narrow it down to the type that is currently living in your home. Knowing the type can help with deciding specific control and removal methods.


Ant Removal


Once these entrances and exits are found, the ants need to be terminated and the entrances/exits need to be sealed to prevent future invasions. There are traps, baits, and other removal methods that homeowners can do themselves, but a professional can help you implement removal methods that are more efficient, but not as user-friendly. Knowing the ant type can help you narrow down the best trap or bait to use. It is vital that an efficient and trustworthy bait is used. There are definitely more ants than you might think and removing all of ants is necessary to keep another infestation from filling the space as soon as it is cleaned.

When the ants themselves have been taken care of, either by you or a professional, the area needs to be cleaned. It needs to be sanitized and cleaned because you recently had ants around that area of your house and there could be remnants of food or the ants themselves. It also needs to be sanitized because ants leave behind pheromones. These pheromones are what help ants gather in massive groups. The trails of pheromones help ants find their way back and bring new ants to the group or space. If the pheromones are still around, ants could find their way back to the space.




After the area is sanitized, it is important to seal up any of the cracks or holes that they used to find their way in or around your house. You do not want to leave any available homes for future nests.

Prevention is a massive part of any type of animal or pest removal. With ants there are a few key things you can do to keep them from coming back around:

  • Ensure that there is no moisture in or directly around your house. Point gutters away from the house. Make sure your plumbing is not leaking.
  • Seal up food. Make your trash as inaccessible as possible.
  • Replace any areas or parts of the home that were previously damaged by ants. Rotting wood, cracks in the walls, anything that could look attractive or welcoming to a new group.

If you are exhausted from ant control attempts and want them to be removed for good, you can contact Mighty Men Pest Control. We have the experience and passion to help you get your ant problems under control and permanently out of the way.

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