Dead Animal Removal

Have you come across a dead animal on private property and you need someone to take care of it soon? Can’t stand that smell, call (650) 309-1841 and we will take care of that situation. Whether it is at your home or business premises, we are experts equipped to handle dead animal removal.

The government only removes dead animals on public property. This means that if a squirrel, raccoon, skunk or any other animal dies on your private property, you need to hire a professional company to get rid of the carcass.

You need to get in touch with a dead animal removal company as soon as possible. If not, you might experience pest infestation, unpleasant odors, exposure to diseases and contamination. Company headquarters are located in The San Francisco Bay Area, but we have technicians all over the bay area currently. Give us a call (650) 309-1841 for us to come out there and get rid of that carcass.



Do you know how to spot a dead animal? It sounds like a basic question, but it is understandable that not everyone can automatically recognize a dead animal.

If the animal is motionless and there is an odor, then it might be dead. It is not advisable to touch a carcass with bare hands as you might expose yourself to diseases. In some cases, you will smell the odor, but you cannot find the dead animal.

Sometimes animals will die in tiny spaces that make it hard for you to notice until the pungent odor kicks in. We have the experience and skill to remove a dead animal behind walls or any crawl spaces. There is no need for you to suffer from an awful stench when we are just a call away.

The San Francisco Bay Area Dead Animal Removal

Being based in The San Francisco Bay Area, there is a lot of car traffic that has pushed animals off the street. But, sometimes they still get hit by cars. Whether it’s a deer, a skunk, a possum, foxes, raccoons, or other animals, we can pick it up. Call and ask for The San Francisco Bay Area dead animal removal or “whatever your city is” animal removal.

Affordable Services

We take pride in our work and feel confident about the standard of service we deliver. With this in mind, we have made our services affordable to enable more people to have access to our professional services. Our staff understand the regulations concerning dead animal pickup.

Having a carcass on your property will bring about additional problems that you can easily avoid by using professional removal services.
If you have a dead animal on your property, get in touch with us and we will have the situation taken care off as fast as possible. Call our local number for help – ​​ (650) 309-1841

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