Animal Control

Maintaining a balance between people and animals is important. Often, interactions between animals and people can be a negative experience for both parties. Especially in the case of feral or previously domesticated animals that have been left to wander the street. Our animal control services were designed for maximum safety, or both people and the animals. We can quickly, efficiently and, most of all, safely remove any stray animals before they cause any problems for you or themselves. If you see or experience any problems with stray animals, you should always contact a professional at (650) 309-1841 immediately.


Why Do You Need Professional Animal Control?

We believe maintaining a balance between animals and people is important, for both parties. Everyone has a role to play, but professional care is needed. So, why is that? Animals can be unpredictable and have no idea of what your intentions might be. Dealing safely with any animal, wild or otherwise, requires knowledge and experience. We have both in spades, that’s why we think we are best The San Francisco Bay Area has to offer in animal control. Having had countless dealings with all kinds of animals, we know how to get the job done quickly, safely and properly. This way, the happy balance can be maintained and you can go on living your life. Too easy.

These host of problems can be avoided if professional animal control is called in immediately. We offer a range of solutions for this problem, benefiting both people and the animal itself.

In this situation too, it is important that professional animal control is called in to deal with the problem. We have all the right know how to effortlessly remove and relocate any stray cats, without causing them any undue stress.



Birds, perhaps most commonly pigeons, can bring with them a host of problems. Known, very poetically, as rats with wings, give you some idea of what we are dealing with. They can spread diseases and cause damage when they decide that your home or property looks like a good place to roost. Fortunately, our experience extends to our feathered friends also. We offer a wide range of services to remove and relocate these winged pests away from your property. No need to let them decide that your home is their long-term roosting spot. It’s that easy.

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