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Squirrels and other animals will often take shelter in your attic, chimney, under the deck or porch. These are usually pulled into the home by the warmth and availability of food and water. While wildlife is good, it can be a nuisance when it gets into the home. For any El Cerrito animal removal to be effective, you need to inspect your home for things like gaps and cracks that rodents can enter through. Other possible entry points are window wells, thresholds, gaps, and vent. While doing an investigation of the possible wildlife problem, you will need:

  • Binoculars to inspect the chimney, roof and other high areas of your home
  • Ladder to reach high areas such as slabs and vents
  • A camera to record what you see

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There are several steps that you should follow when inspecting your home. Start by learning about the different wildlife species in your locality. Look for details such as body size, feeding habits and the area they like hiding. This could be in attics, for animals such as bats, raccoons, and squirrels. Others such as opossums and skunks will hide under the floorboards.

Primary Steps for Animal Control

Find out the breeding season of the animal. This will be important before carrying out any repair jobs. Otherwise, you might end up harming orphans and other helpless young ones.

Check the outer building for any potential entry points. You should be on the lookout for things like chewing, digging, tracks and animal droppings.

  • Use a flashlight to check attics for any signs of animal life

Check for any signs of chewing, nesting materials, and droppings. Turn off the attic lights and check if there are any outside light that leaks through the potential entry points. Check your building baseline, particularly in areas that have undergrowth. Find out if there are any missing or loose vents.

  • Check for holes and cracks in the walls

You can then seal the spaces if you find that there aren’t any animals trapped. If there are stains on the wall, these could be an indication of a bat hideout. Check out for things such as dirt marks, scuff marks, fur, etc. Bats need a different kind of inspection. Check the attic floor and insulation for small pellets that easily crumble and are shiny.

  • Check the vegetation around the home

While thinking about animals that can use bushes and trees to access the home especially the ones touching structures. Some animals can jump through a 3-foot gap. Therefore, it is advisable to cut or trim trees within a perimeter of 4 feet.

  • Pay special attention to the building joints

These are potential entry points for animals. All damaged wooden parts should be replaced. Animals love loose vents, trim board, and warped siding that has deteriorated and are raised at the roof edges. Cover the chimney to prevent owls and other kinds of birds from entering.
For the best and long-term wildlife proofing results, you will need to work with a professional animal removal El Cerrito. If you need a reputable name, contact Mighty Men on (650) 309-1841 ​.

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