Berkley, CA

Berkeley is home to a number of parks and green spaces that — while great for residents — present one noticeable problem: wildlife and pests invading local indoor spaces. Animals such as bats, raccoons, and birds can pose issues that include health hazards and property damage when they are found in commercial and residential properties.

Mighty Men Pest Control is proud to offer professional, reliable services to our clients in the Berkeley area that address a myriad of wildlife-related situations. Our team has built up years of experience over our time within the industry, giving us the ability to handle our client’s needs with ease. We cover all aspects of wildlife removal; from rodent trapping and animal exclusion to sanitation and wildlife cleanup, our experts here at Mighty Men Pest Control can ensure that your issue is completely eradicated for the long term.

Our proximity to the whole of the Berkeley area provides us with the ability to reach any of our local clients in a quick and timely manner. We utilize an “as soon as possible” ideology so that your problem can be addressed within 24 to 48 hours.
If you are in the Berkeley area and need a professional pest control service, contact us today.

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