Fruit Flie Control

Fruit flies have a way of getting to your home. They are a pest species that are attracted to ripening fruits. Even before you enjoy your fruits, they are already on them. And the worst thing is that they can take over in your kitchen. Whenever you bring something from the market or garden, this can lead to an infestation.

Flies also breed in drains, garbage and un-emptied mop bucket. As long as there is a moist organic material or standing water, this makes it a perfect breeding ground. Dial (650) 309-1841 to get free estimates today.


The Life Cycle of a Fruit Fly

A female fruit fly can deposit about 500 eggs on ripening fruits, and other decaying material. The larvae of the fruit fly tend to emerge within 30 hours of egg-laying and will feed for four days before pupating. Adults can come out of pupae ready to lay eggs. With the fast life cycle of a fruit fly, the insect can become a big problem indoors and outdoors especially during the summer months.

Control and Prevention of Fruit Flies

The best way to prevent a fruit fly problem is through prevention. The best flies control method is to get rid of their source of food. If there are ripened fruits in your home, these should be refrigerated and ripened. Anything rotten should be discarded. Other tips you can use to prevent fruit flies include:

  • Have tight-fitting 16” mesh in your windows and doors to prevent adult flies from getting into the home.Once you realize that the insects have infested your home, find the potential sources of foods and get rid of them. If you suspect they are in a drain or garbage disposal bag, put tape over the plastic bag overnight and see if you can catch them. Where fruit flies are breeding, be sure to clean the drain thoroughly using an enzymatic cleaner. This will help to prevent the buildup of the organic material.
  • You can choose to treat the drains using an organic material such as Neem oil. This will help to prevent eggs from hatching and the larvae from pupating.
  • Suck up the adult flies using a vacuum hose. This can be done indoors or outdoors in areas with high populations of fruit flies.
  • If there are any remaining fruit, flies, use a fruit fly trap to get rid of them. Keep this in areas with high activity.

Contact A Professional Flies Control Services

Flies are usually very problematic for homeowners or businesses when they get access to your property. These will breed quickly and can contaminate your source of food. Mighty Men pest control services have customized solutions to your fruit fly’s problems. We can apply different treatments to prevent flies from getting into the building. Our specialists will in some instances use liquid solution and fly baits to treat your property.

There are some businesses where we can recommend the installation of insect light traps. This is important as some insect species are attracted to UV rays. Therefore, insect light traps can control flies 24 hours a day.

To find out the fly control method that is best suited for your home or business, you can get in touch with us on (650) 309-1841.

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