Rat Control

Just like human beings, rats have three basic needs: food, water, and shelter. Unluckily, their search for these necessities often leads them to you. They’ll come to your home and make it their home too. Thus, for many years, rodents such as house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats have always been a major nuisance to people.

However, having rats in your premises doesn’t mean you are dirty. But, they should never be entertained. A large infestation can cause equipment, structures, and furniture damage worth thousands of dollars. And as if that’s not enough, they’ll contaminate your food with disease-causing pathogens.

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​Our team understands the damage that a rat infestation can bring to your home. Therefore, our team is quick to tailor-make an effective rat control solution for your unique problem. Call us today to schedule a rodent inspection.

Effective Rat Control Methods

We have helped very many San Francisco Bay Area residents in achieving complete eradication of rats from their premises. We have mastered our rat control process. Here is how we do it.

We’ll start by conducting a comprehensive inspection of your premises to identify all entry points. Next, we will seal all possible access points that can be used by the rats. Rats are well known for carrying and spreading diseases. So, our technicians will thoroughly clean and disinfect all the affected areas in your home. Lastly, a preventative solution is applied to minimize the risk of rat infestations in the future.


Guaranteed Results

Our vast experience in dealing with all kinds of rat problems has helped to harness our prowess in rat control. We assure you that our rat process is 100% effective. Rats will now become a problem of the past.


Rat Control Assistance

We stand by our work. And, we’re always here to help you. In case you need any help or have any questions, our team is always ready to serve you. Reach us on (650) 309-1841.


Certificate of Completion

After we’re done with every pest eradication project, we provide a certificate of completion to all our customers. This is to prove that your home or business is now completely free of rat infestation.


Topnotch Customer Service

At Mighty Men Pest Control, our customers always come first. Our sole business is to serve you. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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