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Here at Mighty Men Pest Control, we are knowledgeable, experienced wildlife removal specialists who can take care of every pest issue you may have. No matter what pest animal you are experiencing in your home or on your property, whether it is a mouse or skunk, trust Mighty Men Pest Control to get the job done right.

Unwanted visitors are a nuisance and most homeowners have to deal with a variety of them at some point. Whether it is salespeople ringing your doorbell or a surprise visit from your in-laws, momentarily sharing your space with others is something we are all asked to do occasionally. A brief visit is not usually something to complain about too much, but what if that brief visit turns into a long-term stay? What if the visitor happens to walk on all fours or has a tail?

With the way society and our communities are created nowadays, interactions with wildlife are not uncommon. Many communities and neighborhoods are built near the green or forested areas that many animals call home. With proximity that close, it does not take animals or pests too long to find their way onto our property and into our homes.

We at Mighty Men Pest Control are passionate about keeping access to your home limited to friends and family with an invitation. We know seeing wild animals in or around your home can be jarring and intimidating and we strive to make your home a comfortable and safe place for you and your family to live and play.

Mighty Men Pest Control is here to keep your Bay Area home clean from the creepy, the pesky, and the downright hazardous. No, we’re not referring to your in-laws, or the tax man. Our enemy is far more subtle. Be it by rodents, arachnids, or insects, a pest infestation should never go ignored. Now here’s the rub: The average American home contains over 100 species of bugs. These species can range from flies to spiders to beetles to ants. When was the last time you enjoyed seeing a spider crawl up the bedroom wall at night, or rejoiced at the scuttling of a rat in your kitchen cupboard? We’re guessing it’s never. And with just one phone call to our exemplary pest removal services, you’ll need never worry. Contact us today at (650) 309-1841.


Our Services

How exactly do we get rid of pests in the home? Breaking it all down, we first track the source of the infestation. For one homeowner we had a heck of a time with this. His cockroaches seemed to be coming from everywhere. They crawled up and down the walls at night. There were dead bodies inside of his game console and television. At last we were able to track the nest to a back wall in his kitchen…and once this happened, we showed it no mercy. We injected gel bait into several small cracks in the wall, which the roaches happily consumed. Once the poisoned roaches died, other roaches fed on them, until eventually the poison was spread throughout the entire nest. The homeowner’s roach troubles disappeared.

This is merely one example of our inescapable technique. It isn’t always so ruthless. Depending on the size of the pest we’re dealing with, we use the bait, trap, and removal method. The trick here is to prevent your troubles from coming back. One-way doors can sometimes help, or the strategic placement of fake plastic snakes to scare off critters who’d rather not feel the fangs of a deadly serpent. For whichever case you happen to be dealing with, we have the method to resolve it.

Animal & Wildlife Control

Unwanted visitors are not limited to those residing inside of your house. If you have wildlife or other animals that are lingering around your home or property, the longer they stick around, the more likely they are to find a way actually inside your warm and comfortable space. Mighty Men Pest Control is available for and has the experience to remove a variety of animals or pests from your property. Whether it is a stray cat, pigeons, or raccoons we have the best animal and wildlife removal service in The San Francisco Bay Area.

Wildlife Removal and Prevention

If you have wildlife and pests residing inside your home or near the vicinity, Mighty Men Pest Control can help you track down an infestation, remove it, and assist in preventing further invasions. We have experience in countless trapping and removal methods, so we can assist you in removing whatever type of pest has made your home their home. We can help you remove it no matter the size or type of infestation. You’ll be able to say goodbye to your visiting group of rats, mice, or raccoons and prevent future critters from deciding to settle down in your space.

Dead Animal Removal

Dead and decaying animals, no matter the cause of death, can be dangerous and intimidating to remove. If you have an animal that needs to be removed from your property, we have the experience to both safely and sanitarily remove the body from your space.

Wildlife Problems

Wildlife visitors are not only pesky or noisy, but they can be the cause of dangerous or permanent damage to you or your home. Wildlife visitors of all sizes and type can find their way to your home and decide to make camp.

Wildlife can be attracted to your space for a variety of reasons. You could have an appealing backyard with delicious fruit trees or a birdbath water source. Your trash bins and outside pet food can draw in unwanted wildlife as well.

Wildlife can cause damage to both your home and your health. Larger wildlife, like raccoons, can cause severe foundational damage if they find their way inside. Insulation is a part of your home and is commonly damaged by wildlife. The damage that is done, whether it be to attic beams or wiring, can be detrimental, so tracking the source and removing them is paramount to the integrity of your home.

Animals also carry diseases. These conditions can be harmful to you and your family and can be spread without direct contact with the animals. Health hazards can arise from respiratory contact with their urine or feces. The mess that is made can also create an unsanitary space in your home that can attract future visitors.

It is paramount that you track down the animals in your space and remove them as soon as possible. We at Mighty Men Pest Control can help you recover the invaded space inside your home and help in preventing wildlife from ever wanting to take cover in your space again.

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General Pest Control

Professional pest control services like our own are essential. Not only can we purge your home of unwanted creepy-crawlies, but in so doing, we literally make it a safer place to live. Consider that an ordinary dog tick can sometimes transmit bacterial diseases to humans. The common cockroach can trigger allergies and, because they tend to dine on rotting garbage, can even be responsible for salmonella infections.

Larger beasts such as moles and raccoons can make an absolute disaster of a garden, or a trash can. For most of us, the mere sight of wasps and hornets is terrifying. Things get worse when they begin to chew through the wooden walls of your home. The cracks they create cause terrible trouble, as they are like a welcome mat for other kinds of pests.

Mighty Men Pest Control slams the door on all of the above. Moles, raccoons, wasps, hornets, mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and a whole host of other dirty, pesky invaders stand no chance against the professionalism of our fearless crew. If your home suffers from a pest infestation, we can snuff it out. Call us today at (650) 309-1841.

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Mighty Men Pest Control is the expert team to call for the elimination or removal of just about every critter in the book. Starting with what may be the most common, let’s look at cockroaches. First and foremost: These guys are NOT easy to kill. They’ve been around since the Carboniferous era, some 280 million years ago. Worldwide, there are more than 4,000 different cockroach species. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes underwater, live without food for a month, and—get this—survive for 7 days after having its head cut off. Cockroaches are not lightweight opponents.

We take them on anyway. Not only that, we eliminate them permanently, first by locating the nest, and then by using the most modern techniques in the business to kill or chase them from your home. After that, we’ll provide you with tips to keep new roaches from setting up shop. These tips can include the reparation of leaky pipes (roaches love dark, moist places), the use of bait and traps, and keeping food areas clean and germ-free.

this image shows ants


Ants can be—and probably are—among the most stubborn, frustrating insects in the home. Like cockroaches, once they’re here, they intend to stay. Homeowners will normally try to tackle the problem with baits and sprays, which can indeed be effective. But if nothing you’ve tried so far seems to be working, give Mighty Men Pest Control a call.

An ant colony is complex. It’s also quite interesting. Worker ants—the ones you actually see crawling around—are deployed from the colony to bring food back to the queen and her young. The young are groomed to become worker ants themselves. Professional pest control operators like us will not spray and kill the worker ants directly, but infect them with gel bait. The workers take the gel bait back to the colony, which in turn becomes poisoned and dies. This process takes some time, so do be patient. Do not kill the ants that you see, as they are needed to deliver the gel bait back to the colony. Do not use strong cleaners near the bait, or block the ants from going back to the colony. Mighty Men Pest Control is the Bay Area’s number one service for the elimination of ants in the home.

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A lot of home and business owners with mice infestations seem to believe that getting a good cat will solve all their problems. Indeed, sometimes this is actually true. There was once a great, fluffy Persian named Jack who would spend all night watching under his owner’s kitchen sink. Jack caught a lot of mice. He kept the infestation under control, though never put an end to it entirely. And this was just in a small home. During the Carter Administration of the late 1970s, the White House had so many mice that one actually scurried across the Oval Office while President Carter was giving a televised speech.

The first signs of mice you may notice are droppings. Usually, these droppings show up on kitchen shelves, or—perhaps worst of all—the silverware drawer. Traps, be they lethal or merciful, can be of help, but again, they likely won’t eliminate the issue. If you’re having trouble getting rid of mice in your home, give our team a call. We’ll show up with the most modern methods in the industry to put an end to your rodent infestation once and for all. If only Jimmy Carter had known about us back in the day.

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A member of our team once knew a girl who kept two pet rats in her bedroom. Every day she would take them out of their cage to pet and play with. This is not a made-up story. The very idea of holding a rat the way one would a kitten or a puppy causes many of us to recoil, and with good reason. Undomesticated rats that have taken up residence in the home can transmit diseases to humans via their urine and saliva. They also gnaw through wood—floors, and walls—to find cozy places to build their nests. Once they’re all settled in, they will next set about stealing food around the home. Fruit and berries. Nuts. Plants. Pet food. Bread. Garbage. These guys love to eat, and they’ll make a feast of any pantry they can find.

Cut them off at the quick with just one phone call to Mighty Men Pest Control. Rest assured, we have the tools and the talent to send any kind of rat problem you have fleeing into the hills. Keeping homes free of unwanted pests is our business. Good sir or madame, we implore you:  Sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything.

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In 1974, singer Jim Stafford released a song called Spiders And Snakes. Turned out he didn’t like them very much. But here in the real world, spiders are more of a nuisance than anything else. In fact, they can actually benefit your home for the simple reason that they love to kill and eat other bugs. People fear spiders because…well, they look scary. And yes, when one happens to crawl up your arm, it’s downright terrifying. Having said as much, most spiders are actually quite skittish around humans. They will do just about anything to avoid you. On the rare occasions when they do bite, only about 10% of such bites develop into skin lesions. Some common Bay Area spiders include the tarantula, the cellar spider, the red-backed jumper, and the black widow. Garden spiders and “daddy-long-legs” are also seen quite regularly around San Francisco.

Okay, so spiders aren’t all that bad. But you want to get rid of the ones around your home anyway. Perhaps they’re frightening guests or chasing customers away from your business. For these cases, Mighty Men Pest Control is the team to call. Yes indeed, we can permanently eliminate spider infestations. Never again will you need to worry about bites, sticky webs, or startled screams from Little Miss Muffet. If a frightful cabal of eight-legged freaks has become a problem for you, contact us for a fast, easy solution.

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Wasps and Hornets

Like spiders, wasps and hornets can actually be beneficial about the home. Aside from being pollinators—which helps to maintain a right and proper ecosystem for the planet—they also protect gardens from pests. The problems arise once they become a threat to humans. We received one call to a fine colonial home that stood atop a grass hill. It seemed that a swarm of hornets had discovered a niche in the side of the hill and was busy building—and protecting—a nest for its queen. This house had been built near an elementary school; that meant children walking to and from were, so far as the hornets felt, a direct threat to the nest. We had to eliminate the swarm.

Both wasps and hornets can be quite aggressive. Their stings hurt. And since their stingers aren’t barbed, these buzzing, chitin-shelled terrors get to sting victims over and over again. They love to build nests in wooded eaves, or along walls where the veneer has broken loose to provide a niche. For those who suffer allergies to stings, symptoms can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Rapid pulse
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fainting

Don’t allow the dangers of poisonous insects to frighten you in your own home. Mighty Men Pest Control will fully eliminate wasp and hornet infestations with swift efficiency. Call us today.

Mighty Men Will Do the Job Mighty Well

We at Mighty Men Pest Control are incredibly passionate about our community, The San Francisco Bay Area. Our city is beautiful, green and home to fascinating animals. We aim to help keep the balance between our city’s wildlife and its homeowners.

We specialize in the trapping and removal of wildlife. This service allows us to help keep the balance. Our city has beautiful green spaces for the animals to thrive and we can utilize that space by removing them from home communities and relocating them to their own space. If you have any wildlife meandering around your home or property, we can professionally and humanely remove and relocate it for you.

Mighty Men Pest Control also has the experience and can efficiently remove pests from inside or around the vicinity of your home. Removing wildlife from inside your home is paramount to the safety and integrity of your home as well as your family’s health.

We would love to help you gain back your home and property from unwanted visitors with our animal control or wildlife trapping and pest removal services. We at Mighty Men Pest Control have over thirty years of experience in wildlife and pest removal. We hope to use that expertise to make your home feel safe and that it truly belongs to you.

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