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It can be dangerous and unpleasant to deal with dead animals such as house mice, field mice, moles, skunks, and more. If these rodents have been dead for several days, their carcasses may already have insects and ticks. The pests can latch on people, spreading to other parts of the home, if they aren’t handled by a professional. The carcass can also get contaminated so that they transmit parasites, diseases, and bacterial that can result in serious health complications for you and your entire family.

On top of the health risks associated with dead wildlife, a dead carcass is a sign that animals have access to your home. It is advisable to have a professional wildlife control service carry out a full audit of your home to identify the potential entry points.

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Follow the Smell

First, you will need to determine where the dead animal is. One of the ways of determining this is by following the smell. If the smell comes from the attic, wall, or ceiling, the dead critter is located. You had a mouse or rat problem, and you put the rat poison in the attic.


Inspect Attic Through a Pest Control Expert

After having a general idea of the location of the dead animal, you can now move up the attic to start the search. Start with the location with the most overpowering smell. But also take time to check the surrounding area. When inspecting the attic, remember to check under items. Many rodents such as roof rats and Norway rats can hide under the furniture or in the insulation.
If there aren’t any signs of the animal in the area where the smell is the strongest, check the insulation or move items around.


Get Rid of the Dead Wildlife with the Help of Professionals

After finding the dead rodent, you need to remove it from the attic. Ensure that you have a garbage bag, and you wear a thick pair of masks and gloves. You should then pick the carcass using a towel or bag in addition to the gloves and put it in the litter bag. Ensure that you remove any maggots and other waste products that may be surrounding the animal.

Depending on which animal you are handling, you will need to determine how to dispose of it. The good idea is to consult the local regulations before you can do anything. You may choose to bury small rodents like mice or squirrels.


Clean the Spot

You will want to clean the spot in the attic, preferably with a disinfectant or an enzymatic cleaner. This will help to reduce the odor and ensure that pests and bugs aren’t attracted to that space. It will also help to minimize the risk of diseases. Remember to wear the right protective gear when cleaning the area—Wash hands before and after the cleanup.

To reduce the risk of pests and diseases during animal removal, it is advisable to hire a professional wildlife removal expert. One of the animal removal Milpitas you should consider is Mighty Men. You can call us on (650) 309-1841.

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