San Leandro, CA

Mighty Men Pest Control is conveniently located near the greater San Leandro area, providing us with the opportunity to quickly serve our community’s animal control needs. Our family-owned and operated business has spent years cementing our reputation as San Leandro’s leading wildlife control service. We provide our clients with an array of solutions that include sanitation services, wildlife exclusion, animal cleanup, and rodent trapping. Our team is composed of professionally trained experts who have the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out these procedures in a manner that is both effective and time-efficient. We make sure to keep humane and environmentally friendly practices at our core so as to aid our clients while also ensuring the well-being of the wildlife in question.

Here at Mighty Men Pest Control, we realize the hazards that are posed by the presence of wildlife in commercial and residential spaces. Because of this, we commit ourselves to implement professional procedures that allow us to remove any kind of animal — whether it be anything from a rat to a family of raccoons.

Call one of our local San Leandro animal specialists if you would like to learn more about our services or want to schedule an appointment for wildlife removal.

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