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When you come across a dead animal in your property, you will be tasked with the role of disposing of it. Your best bet is in hiring a Hayward animal removal service. But if you choose to do it on your own, here are tips for doing that.

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Isolate the Space

If you mousy handle the wildlife removal Hayward by yourself, you will want to take the right steps. First, you will need to ensure that your family members and pets stay away from it.

Wear PPE

After sealing the space, you will want to protect yourself from the threat of the animal. You can do that by wearing some thick rubber gloves and goggles that will protect your eyes. There are certain diseases like Hantavirus that are spread in rodent feces. You can easily breathe them in through the rodent particles. This is why you need a breathing mask.


Animal Disposal

How you dispose of the carcass will largely depend on the size of the animal. If you want to do a bird removal, you can remove the carcass using a shovel. On the other hand, if it’s a bigger rodent, such as opossum removal, you will need to pick it up. You should then put them in a sealable bag. You may then decide to bury it or throw it away in the garbage in a spot away from people. However, this will also depend on your jurisdiction as some states may not allow you to throw the carcass in the garbage. Others will allow you to do so as long as you put it in a sealable bag.


Disinfect the Spot

This is a key step that the majority of homeowners often forget. This is even though it affects their family’s safety. Ensures that everything in the room where the carcass is has been disinfected. The surface that it touch, the new areas, and other things may protect your family from contracting the communicable diseases. You can use a bleach solution to disinfect the area.


Cleaning and Ventilating

After heavily disinfecting everything, you will want to begin airing the room. Animal carcasses will start rotting and can smell terribly. But if you can deal with the situation early enough, this shouldn’t be a major problem. If the stench is already bad, you will want to work with a restoration service.

Wildlife removal is never easy. This is why it should be left to the experts. If you are searching for an experienced service, get in touch with Mighty Men. Dial (650) 309-1841 for free estimates from our expert animal control team.

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