Critter Exclusion

Critter exclusion involves several different methods and techniques that will prevent animals from coming in and out of your house. Typically, professionals will come into your home and help seal entry and exit points that animals are using to nest in your property. Exclusion also involves preventative measures to keep animals away.

This means that changes will be made to an animal’s habitat, this way the animal cannot re-enter your home or continue living there. For instance, water sources and food sources might be removed. Trash and other things that might attract animals will be taken away, as well.

Some homeowners choose to deal with pest issues on their own. They might even try to use exclusion tools and materials to seal up their house on their own. However, the success of exclusion is lowered without the help of a professional.

You might not know all the entry and exit points that animals use to get in and out of houses. In addition, each animal has to be treated in a different way. So, it is best to have someone who knows what they are doing enter and assess your home. This way any wildlife can be dealt with for good!

Mighty Men Pest Control can help you with any critter exclusion. We will find the best places to seal up your home, and if you have animals in your house already, we can remove them from your house without any hassle.


How is Exclusion Done?


When you contact us, our team will come to your home and begin assessing any entryways and access points in your house. Our experts will look for any weak points and look at every potential place an animal might use to get in. This includes chimneys, vents, pipes, holes in your attic, cracks in your foundations, and a few other places.

After your house has been fully assessed, we will seal up these entry points with exclusion devices and repair any damage that could act as a doorway for wildlife. And, if animals are currently in your home, we will make sure to get rid of them for you.

Really, you should have the best people securing your home and removing any animals from your property. Mighty Men Pest Control will get this job done for you and make sure your home is safe and clean.


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If you are in need of critter exclusion services, contact Mighty Men Pest Control today. We will ensure that no animals can make their way back into your home. Our exclusion devices will keep animals from re-entering your property. And, our team knows how to safely remove any animals if you need pest control.

So, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We want to help you reclaim your home with as little hassle as possible. You can browse our website for more information or call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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