Norway Rats

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What are Norway Rats?

Norway rats are also known as a sewer or street rats. They are said to have originated from Asia. Historians say that these rats arrived in the U.S. around 1700 through ships coming from other continents. They have since spread and are a nuisance to people all over the world.

Another interesting fact about Norway rats is that they are colorblind and have very poor eyesight. But, all their other senses such as smell, taste, and touch are okay. These rats are also very destructive.

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Signs of A Norway Rat Infestation

There are numerous indicators that your home is under a Norway rat infestation. Below are the most common.

  • If you notice gnaw bites around your house. Gnaw bites leave holes that are rough and very different from those caused by wear.
  • Small round droppings
  • Rat footprints
  • Greasy marks on walls and floor
  • Stored food or food remains that seem like they have been nibbled at by rodents ​


Prevention Of Norway Rat

Research shows that a Norway rat can give birth to up to six litters every year. That’s why homeowners must take all preventative measures to stop any likely Norway rat infestation.

The first and most important preventative measure is to ensure that these street rats have no place that they can nest around your home. Remove all piles of wood, debris, or other material away from your house.

Next, seal all cracks that re likely entry points around your structures using steel wool. Also, avoid having damp areas around your house. Your food remains, kitchen waste, and other edibles in waste bins placed far from your house. They should also be emptied regularly.

As a general rule, always remove everything possible that can act serve as water, food, or habitat for rats. Your food products should also be packed in tightly closed tins.

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