Wildlife Control

We all appreciate the beauty of nature and love animals. The reality is, however, that wildlife can cause numerous issues when they come into contact with people and wander into built up, urban areas. Don’t let your family or property come of second best due to a chance encounter with wildlife. We here at Mighty Men Pest Control also specialize in wildlife control. We can effectively and quickly trap and relocate a number of different wild animals, to ensure they don’t do any harm to you, your home or themselves. Our methods are effective and most of all safe and environmentally friendly.



Raccoons may appear cute and harmless, but the reality is far from that. Raccoons are notorious for getting into the garbage and making a mess of the front yard. Using your home as a step ladder, or a home of their own, they can cause all kinds of serious damage. Like rats, they can also spread disease. As part of our wildlife control services, we also can handle raccoons. Trapping is a particularly effective method for getting rid of and relocating raccoons. So there’s really no need to continue to allow your home or property to be overtaken.



Skunk. The word itself is notorious, a reflection of the terrible nature of this animal. Most people think immediately of the horrible stench that skunks use as a defence mechanism, but the truth is they can cause even more problem (though the smell and effects of this spraying are quite bad). They can often cause problems for your pets (who might be curious and want to get a better look), they can dig up your garden in search of food and they often burrow under your home to make a nest, potentially causing structural damage. We can remove them and relocate them to avoid any of these problems.



When you think of wildlife that can cause potential problems for people, moles aren’t not the first thing to come to mind. They, after all, live underground and out of sight. This is exactly the reason they can be such a nuisance. The tunneling, if done in the wrong spot, can wreak havoc on your garden or the foundation of your home. Our expertise and knowledge of wildlife allows us to also handle this potential problem with ease. No need to fear anything from these subterranean creatures.


Dead Animal Removal & Pick Up

Accidents can happen when people and animals come into contact. We also offer a dead animal removal and pick up service. Dead animals on your property can be unsightly, odorous and, most problematically, attract other wildlife to the area. There’s no need to do this disgusting job on your own or let it linger and cause more headaches. We can quickly remove and dispose of any unfortunate mess left behind after an accident. No problem. Our services are clean and efficient. We are simply the best when it comes to all things wildlife. Call (650) 309-1841 today.

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