Rat Traps

Traps are an effective method of getting rid of rodents where there are low in population. It only works if there a few pests in your environment.

Otherwise, you would be wasting your time waiting to use traps to eliminate a full rat invasion. Call (650) 309-1841.

Anyone can buy rat traps and set them anywhere in a building. Having the rats take the bait is a different situation. In most cases, you will find your traps the exact way you set them.

Rats are clever animals that take note of slight changes in the environment. This means you need to have the knowledge to track their behavior and identify strategic places to position the traps.

It might sound complicated, but it is not. We have the experience and expertise to use traps and control your rodent problem. Our technicians are dedicated in the delivery of permanent solutions for our commercial and residential clients in The San Francisco Bay Area.

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Setting traps require using bait to attract rats. This can be anything from peanut butter, meat and cheese. There is the option of using rodenticide pellets.

The type of bait depends on the environment and the safety of the people within that area. When using pellets, our technicians wear gloves to avoid exposure to toxic materials.

Traps are best for sensitive environments with low populations of rats. This includes food-processing businesses, offices, schools and shopping malls.
Types of Traps
Before we decide on the trap to use, we will have to perform an inspection of your property. By accessing entry points, we can create an execution plan that captures all rats.

Some of the traps available include glue traps, jawed traps and zapper stations. Glue traps have a sticky adhesive that holds the rat restricting its movement. Jawed traps work best with bait. Their purpose is to kill rats on impact.

Zapper traps use electricity or battery power to kill rats. All these types of traps are effective. It all depends on the population and the design of your property.

Traps can be useless if not properly set up. In this case, it is advisable to consult a professional rat exterminator when you have a rat problem in your location.

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