Cockroach Control

Small household pests have a few things in common. Most household pests thrive in unsanitary areas or areas of the home where food is around and may not be consistently cleaned up. Moist areas are also attractive. They typically find areas of your home where there may be leaky pipes or an accumulation of water.

Cockroaches are no different than any other pest. They love moist, dark areas. So, they typically frequent crevices, corners, and the underneath of cabinets in bathrooms or kitchens. They can find secret, secluded areas in closets, pantries, or under other pieces of furniture.

Because cockroaches can accumulate in large groups, locating the bulk of the infestation is vital for removal and elimination. Cockroaches develop in three different stages. There are the eggs, nymphs, and adult cockroaches. The nymphs look similar to adult cockroaches and add to the mobile number of roaches in your home. Cockroaches breed consistently throughout the year and some types of cockroaches can have thousands of offspring each year. This means that an efficient process of cockroach control and removal is essential to keep recurring infestations from happening.


Removing the Problem


Removing an infestation begins by locating the infestation. You may see single cockroaches in a certain area of your home, but this may not necessarily be where the group congregates. For an efficient removal, the area where the majority of the cockroaches congregate and lay eggs needs to be where the removal methods are placed or implemented. If you are unsure where the infestation is, professional help can assist you in locating the cockroaches. They are able to work and locate infestations in hard-to-see or reach areas that you may be unaware of. Homeowners can begin the search by looking in common areas:

-Kitchens- underneath or inside cabinets. Behind countertops and appliances.
-Bathrooms- underneath or inside cabinets. Behind the toilet or crevices near showers and tubs.
-Closets- any consistently dark place in your home can be attractive. They prefer areas that are not commonly frequented by humans. Pantries are an easy food source, so dark corners or spaces in these storage areas with cracks or holes can be common areas to find them.

When it comes to the actual removal and elimination, cockroaches are similar to other household pests. Bait and traps are a simple method that homeowners can safely attempt. Gel bait can be placed on suspected areas. This type of bait can be beneficial because cockroaches will consume it and not die straight away. They can go back to the common area and pass on the bait to other cockroaches as well. Boric Acid is another type of elimination method, but it is used in powder form. The frequented areas are sprinkled with the chemical and passing cockroaches will be eliminated. Sticky traps are another form of simple traps homeowners can implement easily themselves. There are many options for homeowners to choose from, but if you have tried several methods and they are not working, calling a professional can help you finally remove the infestation. Mighty Men Pest Control can help you discover what type of cockroaches you have, the location, and the best method of removal for your situation. We know the latest, most effective methods and which ones would be most beneficial for your infestation.


Sanitation & Prevention


After elimination of the infestation, sanitation and prevention methods should be put in place. The area that was infested needs to be cleaned as cockroaches, feces, and their skin can spread bacteria and allergens.

When trying to prevent and control further infestations, removing the attractive features of your home is usually necessary. Food is an attractive feature, so making sure all items in your pantry and kitchen are properly stored can prevent further congregations of cockroaches. Cleaning and sanitizing areas in your home where food is eaten or cooked can help make the kitchen a less attractive area to frequent. Cockroaches also appreciate moist areas, so making sure that your pipes and plumbing are not leaking can take away the moisture and source of water that attracts them to those spaces.

If you have discovered cockroaches in or around your home, taking care of this issue can be overwhelming. There are usually large numbers of small pests like these, so the problem can appear to be a large task to overcome. Cockroach control does take time and effort, but it is not impossible for homeowners to complete the elimination of smaller infestations on their own. If you have attempted a cockroach control or removal method and you have not found one that has worked for you, professional service can be a worthwhile investment. We at Mighty Men Pest Control are aware of areas that cockroaches typically frequent and we use the latest, safest, and most efficient removal methods that are available. We would love to inspect your home and offer advice or guidance on how to tackle this seemingly overwhelming problem.


How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches?


Having cockroaches at home is definitely a stressful situation. Not only because these small insects are unpleasant, but having a cockroach infestation is a sign of unhealthiness. These insects are large reservoirs of bacteria and are therefore capable of transmitting diseases. For many people, getting rid of cockroaches is quite a complicated task. These creatures are the only ones capable of surviving a nuclear explosion. But let me tell you that it is not impossible. There are several methods with which you can get rid of these annoying and unpleasant insects. These can vary depending on the conditions of your home and the characteristics of the pest.

Join me to know some of them. Let’s start!

Methods to get rid of cockroaches easily 

  1. Eliminate cockroaches with chemical methods:
  • Sprays:  

If you have only seen one or two cockroaches, there is not yet an established colony in your house. A very effective method is to resort to sprays. These are usually very effective, especially when it is not a big pest. 

All you will have to do is spray the liquid in those places through which the insects enter, such as windows, doors, wall cracks, small holes…

  • Traps to eliminate cockroaches:  

Another way to get rid of cockroaches is through sticky or gel traps. You can find them in stores or online. You will only have to place such traps in all those places where you have seen the highest number of cockroaches, and when they walk over them, they will get stuck.

  • Baits: 

Thanks to its great effectiveness, this is one of the most used methods. You can find it in several presentations; powder, gel, or tablets. It is very important to keep in mind that this is a slow process. The cockroaches will not die instantly. So you have to be patient.

  • Insecticides :

One of the fastest ways to kill cockroaches is through insecticides. If you decide to use this method, you must be very careful; these are highly toxic products. 

  • Exterminators:

When faced with a large-scale infestation. This is undoubtedly the most effective method. Although it turns out to be a somewhat expensive solution. It is one of the best ways to end the cockroach problem at the root. 

  1. Get rid of cockroaches home methods:
  • Bay Leaves: 

If we don’t want these unpleasant guests to come to our house. You can place Bay leaves in all the possible entrances of the house. Thanks to its powerful smell, it will repel cockroaches constantly.  

  • Boric acid and onion. 

By combining these ingredients, we will obtain a paste that is quite effective. You will only have to mix half a chopped onion, half a cup of wheat, water, sugar, and four tablespoons of Boric Acid powder. 

Once the mixture is prepared, we apply it with great precision in all those corners where cockroaches have been seen. If you have pets or small children at home. You must be very careful. It is highly toxic. 

Ways you can prevent cockroaches from coming into your home: 

  • Seal any cracks and holes, especially those around pipes. 
  • Food is a great attraction for cockroaches. Try not to leave any dishes or leftovers in your kitchen for too long. Once you finish eating. Clean or vacuum the floor. 
  • Constantly move your appliances. This is the way to check if there are no signs of cockroaches. Clean thoroughly. 
  • Avoid the accumulation of paper or any waste. Especially if they are in damp and humid environments. 
  • Keep all waste generated inside your home in containers with their respective lids. This way you will avoid cockroaches’ access.
  • As for pet food. Be very careful. As it is on the floor, your pet’s bowl can be a great attraction for cockroaches.

Keep in mind that cockroaches have a great ability to easily adapt to any kind of situation and place. So they can be hidden anywhere and go out when you are sleeping. That is why it is very important that you are alert.

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