Rodent Control in Belmont, CA

Welcome to the best rodent control in Belmont, The San Francisco Bay Area.

Are you having rodents in your Belmont home? Have you tried all DIY rodent control methods without success? This is the best time to get assistance from professional rodent control. Like everywhere. Belmont rodents are cunning. They will easily recognize the usual traps and baits. This makes them very difficult to eradicate.
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Rat Control Belmont

Rats are very troublesome. They can be extremely difficult to control. There are mainly two types of rats found in most homes, that is, the Norway rats and the roof rats. The roof rat is often found in the roof and attic of your home. On the other hand, Norway rats are mainly found in cracks and walls of your home.

Mice Control Belmont

Mice are very tiny animals. They can fit even in the tiniest cracks. They often invade your home during cold weather. A house mouse problem is characterized by visible mice droppings on your walls. You’ll also hear their movements at night. Do you suspect that you might be having house mice in your home? Contact a pest control expert in Belmont.

Gophers Control Belmont

Gophers are herbivorous pests that can cause extensive damage to vegetables in your farm, lawn, or garden within a very short time. Five main species of gophers are found in farms. Their presence is often characterized by holes on and tunnels in your backyard or garden. They also like to feed on the roots of vegetation. Thus, in case you notice the roots of the crops in your backyard missing, you probably have gophers in your farm. Call a pest expert today, dial (650) 309-1841.


Squirrels Control Belmont

If you are searching for an animal removal service, you should contact Mighty Men Pest Control. We have professionals who are trained in inspecting homes for the presence of animals. They will then put in place measures that will help you tame the problem. You can reach us today on (650) 309-1841.

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