Silverfish Control

Few insects give homeowners the creepy crawlies quite like silverfish. Silverfish are often found in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. They can be found in other areas of the home as well, but they are attracted to moist and humid areas, so bathrooms and basements are usually where they settle down. It may seem like the only negative factor about silverfish is the way they startle you when they pop out of your baseboards, but they can do damage to items in your home as well.

In the kitchen, they can find their way into certain containers or jars of food. Rice and other grains are the items they typically frequent. They can contaminate these food items with waste, so anything you see them come in contact with will need to be tossed and replaced. If they are found in closets, they can damage clothing as well. You may find holes or yellow stains if they are frequenting a closet where you keep your clothing or towels. It can help to dry clean anything that is found with damage to make sure all remnants and remaining silverfish are long gone.

Because silverfish are big fans of moist and humid areas, it can be beneficial to bring a dehumidifier into your home. Making the area less appealing to them can keep them from wanting to stay or coming back. You can caulk cracks or entry points that they have likely used and repair any leaky pipes or plumbing. Repairing leaks can keep any additional moisture from being present that may attract them. If food was the problem, be sure to dispose of anything that was contaminated and use a vacuum or tightly sealed jars and containers in the future.

Like many other pests, depending on the severity of your infestation, you can first attempt simpler removal methods. Placing traps around your home or sprinkling Diatomaceous earth around areas that they were seen can work. DE is a natural crushed-up rock that dehydrates and kills silverfish if they come into contact with it. These methods may work with smaller infestations, but larger infestations may require some chemical or pesticide-based removal methods.

If your infestation seems out of hand or you want to make sure you remove them for good, calling a professional can keep you from having to repeat the removal process multiple times. Mighty Men Pest Control is available to answer any questions you have about silverfish removal. If you need assistance removing the visitors in your bathroom or closet, give us a call and we can help you get rid of them for good.

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