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A pest infestation problem can occur in your home. You might get on the attic only to be met by a powerful and foul-smelling odor of the animal’s urine. You might also open a kitchen drawer only to find it filled with droppings. You might come across a padded nest in your storage room’s corner above the garage when moving boxes. You might even be unfortunate to find a mouse scurrying across the kitchen before disappearing behind your refrigerator. When you find one or more of these signs in your home, it is time to contact an Emerald Hills pest control services. Dial (650) 309-1841 to get free estimates.



There are various reasons why rats, squirrels, and mice chew holes. They may do that to get into your home, gain access to the room where you store food or just file down their teeth. However, all this chewing will:

  • Leave holes in the exterior walls of your home making it possible for other pests to get in
  • Cause damage to building materials inside the home. This can cause warm or cool air to escape
  • Damage live wires in the home causing a fire
  • Make it possible for rainwater to get into the home


Rodents can live comfortably in your pantry. This can cause them to be a mechanical vector for a wide range of bacterial. When these bacteria get into your home, they may:

  • Contaminate food
  • Leave dishes in your pantry tainted
  • Taint your cutting boards and other surfaces for preparing food

Animals such as rats and mice are biological vectors for the various human pathogen. These include Hantavirus, tularemia and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Diseases such as plague can be life-threatening. You don’t have to wait until animals pose a threat to your family. Contact a professional Emerald Hills pest control service.

Animals can also bring parasites to your home. They can easily be the source of your fleas, lice, tick or mite infestation. These pests will cause havoc on you and may even bring their illnesses such as Lyme disease.

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