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At times we come across unwanted guests in our properties. What do we do when we have a wildlife invasion? Your best bet is in calling a wildlife removal Moraga. But before you do that, there are a few things that needs to be done to make the entire process of removing the wildlife easier.

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Identify the Critter

Before the wildlife removal, Moraga service can visit, you will need to identify what kind of animal is causing your trouble. You can do that by walking around the fence to your home and checking if there are tracks in the trees, dirt, or side of your home. It is possible to determine if it’s a bat, bird, opossum, or raccoon. This will help you determine the right wildlife removal method.

After finding the problem areas, you can check the indicators on the number of animals causing the issues. You can easily do that by looking at the different sizes of tracks.


Consider Historical Data

After identifying the wildlife species that need to be removed and how many animals they are, bear in mind that you are only working with an estimate. It can also be hard to determine the kind of animal and number when dealing with skunks and baby raccoons under the porch.

Therefore, you will need to consider the kind of animal problem you had in the past.

Could it be that the problem has recurred again? You can talk to your neighbors to determine if they are facing the same challenge.

When you understand the kind of animal you are dealing with, it will be easier for you to determine the kind of solutions you will need. When you trap one or two raccoons, you will be settling for a short-term solution especially when your historical data shows you have hundreds of them in the neighborhood forest.

You will, therefore, need to discuss with you wildlife removal company on an effective animal removal solution such as a fence.


Contact the Animal Removal Company

You will need to work with an animal removal company that is licensed. There are various regulations on how far the animal should be taken, where to relocate them, and much more.

Provide the company with the information you collected so that they can determine a long-term solution. Some homeowner insurance companies cover damages that are caused by animals. The wildlife removal Moraga can help you prepare and even request a claim to the insurance company. They will include the right photographs to show the extent of the damage.

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