Mouse Traps

Why do you need to hire someone to help with your mouse problem when you can buy traps? Many people who have a rodent problem ask this question. If that is your current state, then let us explain why setting mouse traps on your own will not work.

In order for traps to be effective, you need to know how to place them. Improperly set traps are dangerous and can harm children or anyone within that area. Next, you need to know the kind of trap to use. In addition, the population of mice on your property determine the effectiveness of the traps.

Apart from the fact that mice are neophobic, they have a high reproductive rate. This means that each day you spend using the wrong traps increase their chances of multiplying their population. The best action is to have a proactive method, which in this case involves hiring control experts.

Instead of running to the store to purchase mice traps when you see a mouse scurrying around in your home or office, call a rodent control company. If we are in your area of San Francisco Bay Area, we would like to introduce you to our professional pest management services. Call (650) 309-1841 to schedule your inspection.



Experts in Pest Control

Our team of technicians and control experts has an invaluable experience in rodent control having worked with multiple clients. We take time to design the best treatment plan that will solve your rodent problem.

Part of our strategy includes an inspection of your premises. By understanding your floor plan and design of the building, we can locate strategic places to position the traps.

Once we catch the mice, our teams will schedule a follow up to evaluate the situation afterward. Apart from setting the traps, we provide you with a complete treatment plan that prevents future incidents.

Our professionals have expertise in setting different types of traps. All the traps we use are effective in catching rodents, especially ones that escape bait stations.

Smooth Business Flow

Will the traps affect my operations? This is a genuine concern that you might have. None of the mouse control methods we use will interrupt your business. You will be able to concentrate on your work without any traps obstructing your movement.

We place the traps in appropriate locations where our technicians can easily access them. You, on the other hand, get to run your operation smoothly while we keep your business safe from mice.

Do you have a mice problem? Let us know. Call us now at (650) 309-1841 to speak with our expert pest and animal control technicians.

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