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You might be dealing with a pillbug or sowbug infestation. These bugs are approximately ¾ inch long and are often found in the outdoors. Although often mistaken for insects, sowbugs and pillbugs are a unique class of crustaceans that live on the land. They are closely related to shrimps and lobsters.

Pillbugs and sowbugs feed mostly on decaying organic matter. Thus, they are a beneficial component of the ecosystem necessary for the decomposition process. However, if they are present in large numbers, they may find their way into your house.



Is a Sowbug/ Pillbug a Serious Problem?

Unlike many other pests, sowbugs and pillbugs do not bite humans. Additionally, they do not transmit any diseases to people. They live outdoors. But, they may sometimes find their way into your house. Although they do not cause any damage to your house, they should not be entertained.

​Sowbugs are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and are active at night. If left untreated, you’ll spot them moving around the house at night.

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Where Do Sowbugs and Pillbugs Live?

Sowbugs and pillbugs live in cool damp places. They are often found near their sources of food. For instance, you may find these bugs under decaying matter such as mulch and compost. Sometimes, they may also be found under logs and stones.

How To Control A Pillbug/Sowbug Infestation

  • Remove or destroy the homes of these sowbugs. Try to spread out or remove piles of leaves, mulch, debris, and other organic matter near your house.
  • Ensure plants have proper air circulation by trimming them. This prevents dampness around the surfaces of plants
  • Ensure the mulch used easily allows water to pass through. This reduces prolonged dampness of the mulch which in turn discourages sowbugs.
  • If the infestation is large, call a pest control service. They’ll assess the damage and recommend the most effective control method for you.

Hire A Pillsbug Pest Control Expert Today

Managing a sowbug and pillbug infestation can be challenging. However, you can trust a professional pest control service to help you. they will easily identify the areas these bugs are hiding and effectively treat the infestation.

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