Moth Control

Moths may seem like a harmless pest initially, and they are not inherently dangerous, but they can cause severe damage to important parts of your home or property.

Depending on the type of moth in your home, you may find them in certain areas. Typically, the first sign of a moth infestation is seeing an adult moth flying around. When this happens, it is important to check the area the moth was seen in for a potential infestation. You may only see a few adult moths roaming around initially, but the larvae are the ones that do all the damage.

If you have moths in your pantry, they can contaminate your food and leave behind a significant amount of waste. Anything contaminated will need to be replaced and replacing food can add up to a significant cost. You will usually find them in grains, such as rice or oats, but they can infect other types of food as well.

Moths can also be found where you store clothes and other upholstery. Sometimes, the first sign of moths in this part of the home will be a hole in a piece of clothing. The larvae can damage items beyond repair, so making sure you find and take care of the issue can save you the money you will potentially need to use to replace damaged clothing items.

When taking care of the issue, knowing the type of moth can be helpful. Some have different habits and some removal methods may be more effective with a certain type of moth. Professionals can help you identify the type and guide you along the removal process.

If the issue is food, anything contaminated will need to be thrown away. The area needs to be sanitized and meticulously vacuumed to make sure no larvae or moths remain. If the infestation was in a closet, any clothing or other upholstery either needs to be dry-cleaned or put in a freezer for at least 24 hours. The closet or infestation area will also need to be thoroughly vacuumed to make sure every last larvae or egg was removed.

Simple sticky moth traps can do the job, but you can also use mothballs or other pesticide removal methods if the problem seems more severe. If using mothballs, instructions need to be followed directly. If the infestation is more than you can seem to handle, you can call us. Mighty Men Pest Control can help you find the source of the problem and the perfect solution to it. We can help you keep the problem away for good.

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