Skunk Removal

Skunks are not dangerous animals. However, their smell is not something that you want lingering around your property. Of course, these black and white pests will only spray you and their surroundings if they feel threatened. But there is a chance that their stinky musk will hit your nose.

In addition, skunks can make a mess in your backyard, lawn, and other areas of your home. This is because these animals will eat anything they set their eyes on. Trash bags, bugs, leftover food, and nuts can all be used as a source of food for skunks.

Most homeowners don’t want to co-exist with a skunk. So, in this post, we will discuss the most humane and simple ways you can get rid of skunks. Skunk removal will take a little bit of work, but it isn’t hard to do.


How to Remove Skunks From Your Property:


1. Cover Up Your Garden

Skunks will eat anything, this includes plants, vegetables, and fruits that are growing on your property. To keep skunks away from your garden, you will need to put mesh around your greenery. A small fence can also be built around your garden.

Skunks are not good climbers. So, even a short five cm fence will help keep skunks away from your home. If this doesn’t work, though, try getting an organic pepper spray to put on your plants. Skunks don’t like spicy scents and tastes and will look for other food sources off of your property.

2. Use Bright Lights and Loud Sounds

Bright lights can also be used to get skunks away from your home. In general, skunks are afraid to go near bright flashing lights. And, if you flash a bright light into a skunk’s den or hideout, you should be able to get rid of the skunk.

Skunks will show up in a lot of different places. This can include your garden, under your porch or deck, or in your front yard. Check in these areas first and use lights and loud sounds to get rid of the skunk. You can place a loudspeaker or radio near the skunk, once you know where it hides. And then flash your lights on them.

3. Use Scents and Repellents

Skunks can be repelled with different scents and repellents. And, luckily there are plenty of natural solutions that can be used against skunks. This way you don’t have to use dangerous chemicals. Jalapeno, cayenne pepper, and other spicy substances can be used.

You can also use products that are made to repel skunks specifically. Dab a rag with the liquid and then put it near the skunk’s den or hideout. This will get them off your property.

4. Have Your Lawn Treated

Different kinds of bugs can grow under the surface of your lawn if you don’t regularly cut and treat this area of your property. This might not seem like a big deal, and you might not even want to get rid of bugs in your lawn. But, skunks tend to tear through your grass to get to the bugs underneath your property, which will create a huge mess.

If you want to keep skunks away, get a professional to treat your lawn. Lawn treatments will kill any bugs in your grass and keep skunks away for good.

5. Secure Your Trash and Get Rid of Food

Finally, you want to secure your trash, this way skunks do not keep coming back to your property. Getting a garbage container with a lid and a lock will help keep animals away from your trash.

You also want to make sure that your garbage can will not fall over and spill onto your yard. Try putting your trash up against a fence or other sturdy surface. Homeowners can also clean out their garbage cans. This way the smell of food and trash does not entice skunks!

In addition to this, ensure that any other food is put away and cleaned up. You don’t want to leave pet food or your own food sitting outside. This will definitely attract skunks. Also, nuts and other fruit that fall off trees in your property should be cleared.

You might think this is a hassle, but the tidier your property is the easier it will be to get rid of skunks.


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