Roof Rats

Do you have roof rats in your attic? You are not alone. Roof rat problem is a common problem for many people throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. Roof rats, or ship rats, are often found in warmer areas of coastal and southern states. Call (650) 309-1841 ​to get free estimates from roof rats control and eliminators in The San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Ever wondered why these rats are called roof rats? They are very good climbers. Also, they like to live in attics or areas near the roof of a building.



​Roof rats are black or dark brown mammals. Their underbelly is often black. Roof rats have large ears and a pointed nose. They can grow to a length of up to 16 inches. Their tail is also longer than the length of their bodies.

The Difference Between Norway Rats and Roof Rats

The tail of a Norway rat is shorter than their body while that of roof rats usually is longer than their body. Also, a roof rat has a smaller and slender body compared to that of a Norway rat. Roof rats have a pointed nose while that of Norway rats is more rounded.

Roof rats, or black rats, are covered in black fur. On the other hand, Norway rats have brown fur. You’ll also find that roof rats prefer to live in roofs and attics while Norway rats often invade the basement areas. Lastly, roof rats are more common in warmer areas.

What Attracts Roof Rats to Your Home

Are you wondering why roof rats have infested your home? Here are the likely reasons why you have a roof rat problem.
Available access point. This is the number one cause of rodents problems. If there are no available entry points, rats will never access your home.
Available food. Roof rats can feed on almost anything edible. If you have plenty of uncovered food around your house, you are attracting these destructive rodents in your home.
Available shelter. Sometimes, roof rats may come to your home in search of new habitats. If your roof is ideal, then they’ll settle there.
If a rat problem is not rectified as soon as possible, a lot is at risk. You are likely to lose profits or even customers.

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What are the Risks of Having a Roof Rat Problem

There are several threats posed by roof rats in your attic. These rodents are likely to gnaw through your pipes, walls, and wiring. They will also cause a lot of damage to other parts of your structures. Roof rats may also feed on your stock or stored food. And, they are likely to contaminate your food with their droppings. Lastly, roof rats can spread diseases to you and your family through their feces, urine, and fur.

Roof Rat Control

Roof rats are one of the hardest rodents to control on your own. Because they live in very high areas, they are often hard to access. The best way to deal with a roof rat problem is by hiring a roof rat control expert in The San Francisco Bay Area.

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