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We are dedicating to providing all pest removal and prevention solutions to residential and commercial properties in The San Francisco Bay Area. We have hands-on experience in eradicating insects and rodents of all kinds. From rats, mice, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, cockroaches, spiders, nothing is too complex for us. We are an exterminator you can rely on.

We are always on par with new technologies, and methods in the pest control industries. Our goal is to be an exterminator of choice for all The San Francisco Bay Area residents. Our team is dedicated to honoring our promise to homeowners: quick and professional services for effective pests’ control.

Whether you are dealing with a roof rat or ants infestation, we can help you. There is no job that is too big or too small for us.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Our commercial clients are mainly from food and hospitality industries such as hotels, food processing companies, restaurants, etc. We mainly specialize in providing two pest control solutions to our commercial pest control services clientele.

Pre-treatment services for termite control on new construction sites and structures

Pre-treating construction sites are one of the most effective methods to prevent future termite infestations in your commercial premises. Also, pre-treating is cheaper than dealing with an actual infestation. It will also save you money that would have otherwise been lost in damages caused by termites to an existing structure.

Pest and Rodent Control

In case you already have a pest infestation, we will also come to your rescue. We always begin by identifying and monitoring the pests at your premises. This helps us to accurately determine the most effective solution for your unique pest problem.

We will then prevent the pests from causing any farther damage to your property. This is a cost-effective method and works well during the early stages of a pest infestation. But, if our assessment shows that prevention may not work for you, our team of experienced technicians employs safe and 100% pest solutions to eradicate the pests at hand.

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Our Services

✓ Offer a safe and effective insect and rodent control and treatment services
✓ Provide our clients with advice on the best practices to use to prevent pest infestations
✓ Lifetime support from insect extermination experts regarding all your questions and concerns

Why Mighty Men Pest Control The San Francisco Bay Area

✓ All the pesticides used are safe for you and your pets
✓ No hidden charges
✓ Free estimates
✓ Competitive quotes
​✓ Effective pest control services
✓ Your satisfaction is guaranteed

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