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Raccoons can cause a lot of damages to your property in Lafayette. They concentrate on tripped trash, but they can destroy shingles, rooftop ventilators, or fascia boards to get into the attic and create a nesting place. After accessing the attic, they will destroy insulation and will bring parasites with them. To get rid of these unwanted visitors, you will need to contact a raccoon removal services.

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Since raccoons are nocturnal animals, it can be hard determining if there is a raccoon problem. This is why you need to check out for clues left by the rodent. Check also the amount and frequency with which they leave the clues. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Feeding evidence. You will begin to see tripped over dust bins. Your fish pond and garden will start getting destroyed. The food bowl of your pet will regularly be destroyed. Bird feeders will be regularly knocked over. The compost pile will be interfered with.
  • Droppings
  • Tracks

On top of this evidence, you may hear their sound. When you realize that you have a raccoon problem, it is time to contact an animal removal Lafayette service. Make sure you deal with the infestation before it spirals out of control. Your best bet is in dealing with an animal removal service. This is because professional animal removal experts have:

Measures to Control a Raccoon Infestation

Several measures can be used to reduce a raccoon infestation in your property. These include:

  • Secure trash cans. When you leave cans in an easily accessible area, you can easily attract raccoons. When you take out your garbage bins, ensure that it is in a heavy trash can and is secured with a lid.
  • Put pet food inside the house. If there is pet food outdoor, it should be brought into the house before dark to prevent raccoons from finishing and
  • Check the bird feeder. You can use a special feeder, or even put it indoors at night
  • Remove rotten nuts and fruits. Raccoons will be attracted to your yard by natural foods falling off the tree. When you remove the falling nuts, the raccoons won’t be attracted to your yard.
  • Fence your fish pond and garden. Raccoons tend to search for food in fish ponds, compost piles, and garden. You can install an electric fence to keep them out of these areas.


Why Hire Mighty Men Pest Control

Raccoon removal specialists have the right industry knowledge, training, and experience to safely and humanely remove the raccoon problem from your residential or commercial premises. Animal removal professionals will also ensure that the raccoon problem doesn’t recur. The professional will also engage in other tasks such as urine cleanup, repair of structural damage, prevention, restoration, and much more.
A professional raccoon removal company can ensure your satisfaction. When you handle animals in the wrong way, you can easily collide with the authorities. If you are searching for a raccoon removal Lafayette service, get in touch with Mighty Men. The company also handles other animal removals such as bird removal, skunk removal, and pigeon removal.

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