Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can be a big problem for homeowners. Especially when they make their way into your property. These adorable critters look cute climbing up your trees, but when they get into your attic, garage, and other parts of your home, they can really create some real damage.

Squirrels look harmless, but they are destructive and like to chew on your walls, the structure of your property, and all kinds of cables and wiring. No homeowner wants this to happen. So, in this post, I’ll talk about ways you can effectively remove squirrels.


How to Remove Squirrels From Your Property For Good:


Squirrel removal can be done in a lot of different ways. I’ll talk about the most popular and simple methods of squirrel removal here. This way you can get squirrels off your property as quickly as possible!

1. Remove Any Food Sources From Your Property

One of the first things you need to do is check for food sources. If a lot of squirrels are coming by your house, this could mean that you have food on your property. For instance, if you have bird feeders with seeds, these should be taken off your property immediately.

In addition, any gardens with fruits and vegetables should be protected and kept out of reach from squirrels and other animals. This means that you put up garden mesh and fences. In addition, make sure your trash is well tied up and food is not left outdoors.

2. Prevent Squirrels From Entering Your Home

Squirrels can only enter your house if they have a way in. This is why you need to seal up your home and look around your property for entryways. This includes repairing large holes, keeping your garage, windows, and doors closed when you can, and cutting down branches that let squirrels climb near windows and into your home.

3. Use Chemicals or Odors

Chemicals and certain odors can also be used to get squirrels off your property. Squirrels hate the scent of ammonia. But if this doesn’t work you can buy the urine of much larger predators and put them near trees that the squirrel climbs up. Squirrel-specific repellent can also be purchased and sprayed around your property.

4. Trap The Squirrel

Finally, if all the other methods don’t work, and the squirrel keeps coming back, you can try to trap and relocate the squirrel to a faraway location. Trapping squirrels can be difficult for people inexperienced with wildlife. You’ll have to buy professional trap equipment, as well, and bait the squirrel into your trap. But this is a possible option for squirrel removal. To learn more about the equipment needed to trap a squirrel visit here.


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How To Remove Squirrels From Your Attic for Good

Many homeowners do not see squirrels as nuisances and seeing the occasional squirrel in your yard or space may not be detrimental to the health of your space. However, a regular occurrence of a large number of squirrels can potentially be detrimental to the health of your family and your home. Squirrels may be small and seem furry and cute, but if provoked, they could potentially bite. They also can cause a decent amount of damage to the inside and outside of your home if they are able to gain access. Visit animalatticpest.com to learn about squirrel removal in the attic.

Not only do you have to worry about damage to your home, but squirrels, like many members of the wildlife family, can carry diseases and spread them to those whose house or area they choose to inhabit. Often, these sorts of bacteria or diseases are spread through the feces or urine that is left inside or around your home. Squirrels may not be as scary or dangerous as larger animals, such as raccoons, but they should not be forgotten. Squirrels in your space should be treated like any other wildlife or critter would be treated if they decided to take up residence in or around your home.

Make Your Space Unattractive

The best way to prevent and get rid of animals or wildlife that decide to spend time in your space is by making your home or yard as unattractive to the animals as you possibly can. This method of prevention and removal differs from animal to animal, but there are some similar actions that can be done for squirrels and most other animals

For squirrels (and many other types of wildlife), you can begin making your space unattractive by removing any source of food that has previously been available. This could be your trash. If you store garbage bins or bags outside, make sure they are in a secure location or are sealed tightly so that animals cannot access them. If you have pets and you keep pet food and water outside, do your best to make this as inaccessible to other animals as possible. Many homeowners may need to bring this food or water inside completely or place it in a garage or shed. Birdseed can also be attractive to squirrels. While providing seed for birds is extremely kind, if you have found a large number of squirrels around your home or perimeter, it may be best to remove the bird feeder. For squirrels specifically, trimming tree limbs that hang over the house can keep them from being able to reach the inside of your home.

Inside Your Attic?

If the squirrels have made their way inside your home or attic, implementing these methods of prevention will probably not be beneficial. They can be implemented after the animals have been removed, but if you already have squirrels in your attic, other methods of removal will need to be completed. First, make sure that there are no babies in the attic. If there are, these will likely have to be removed by hand. If babies are absent, you can remove access to your attic by placing a one-way door over the entry point that has been used. The animals will have to leave the space at some point and when they do, the one-way door will prevent them from being able to return. 

When the actual animals have been removed and the area has been sanitized, it is time to implement methods of prevention. You should begin by having professionals track down every entrance point and repair every nook and cranny. This will keep them from being able to make their way into space once again. 

After the animals have been removed, repairs have been made to the home, and the home is completely sealed up, you can implement some of the methods mentioned earlier for preventing them from returning to your space at all. Some additional tasks outside of sealing food or trimming trees are installing automatic lights or alarms that are motion detecting. These types of automatic systems do a nice job of startling animals and keep them from wanting to inhabit whatever space stumbles into. 

Whatever part of the squirrel removal process that you are currently in, whether removal, prevention, or repair, Mighty Men Pest Control can guide you through what you have to complete. We can make sure the animals have no desire or access to return.

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