Mice Removal

Whether your home is new, old, or somewhere in between, wildlife can find their way into your home. Old homes typically have more damage than they have gained over the decades, but you could find intruders in your home no matter the age it. An aging home may have cracks or holes that small and large animals can use to make their way into the space and take up residence. New homes can receive sudden damage from the weather or there could have even been defects created or left behind when the house was built.


Mice are small. Are they a small problem?


If you have heard noises in your walls and it sounds like a smaller animal, it is very likely a mouse infestation. Signs of mice typically include scurrying in rooms and scratches in the walls of your homes. There could also be odors from urine and feces, but most wildlife that has taken up space in your home can leave behind this type of smell. If you are not sure whether you have mice or rats, the mouse feces will be smaller in size. Typically, less than half an inch long. You may also find small pieces of ripped-up paper or other material that has been used to create nests.

Mice may seem like a small problem, but they can leave behind and cause large issues for you and your family. They can destroy wiring and technical devices in your home and find their way to your pantry or fridge. If they contaminate your food it is so important to remove anything that they might have had to contact with. Contact with mice can lead to serious health issues for your family. The damage they can have on your house should not be underestimated.

Removal of mice begins with finding the location that they spend most of their time. Because mice are small, they have the ability to move around your house more incognito than other animals. You may see one on the opposite side of the house to where the group is residing.


The process of mice removal


When you are aware of the space where the mice are nesting, you can begin the process of removal. Removal begins with trapping the animals and removing them from space. Mice reproduce very quickly, so it may take special care to remove every single one. Here is a great source to learn more about how to get rid of mice howgetridmice.com. Having a professional come in to look at and investigate your home helps ensure that no mice are left in the space to reproduce the problem again. You can purchase bait and traps to use on your own, but hiring a professional can help eliminate the problem for good. Effective mouse traps can be dangerous but are the best option for efficient removal. We at Mighty Men Pest Control can place these for you and remove the problems without you having to lift a finger.


Sanitize the space


Once the animals are completely removed it is vital for your health to have the space sanitized and any remnants removed. Professionals can do this for you to help ensure the safety of all living in the home. When the space has been sufficiently cleaned, all entry points will need to be sealed and repaired to keep mice from returning.

You will need to implement methods of prevention to keep them from returning or new mice coming to fill the space. Be sure to keep food tightly sealed up and nothing edible laying around the home. Have professionals periodically come and check your home for potential defects that could eventually help turn your home into another warm haven for mouse visitors.

Mighty Men Pest Control can assist you in whatever step of mice removal you are in. We have the experience and the passion to make your home feel like a safe, comfortable, and clean space for your family again.

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