Rodent Control

The most common household pests that people encounter in their homes are rodents. Although they are often small, they are by no means harmless. They create a wide range of problems in your home and for your family, ranging from mildly annoying to incredibly serious. Prevention and removal are critical for the safety of your home and family. Here at Mighty Men Pest Control we specialize in rodent removal. We employ a wide range of effective techniques that help to prevent or remove any rodents, and with them any problems they might cause for you. Our services and techniques are proven effective and safe. Call (650) 309-1841 today to get free estimates.


Why Do They Need To Be Removed?

So why is it so important to remove any rodent infestations? Well, first, rodents are often disease carrying and can transmit some fairly serious diseases to those who they come into contact with. Second, they can cause damage to your home in search of a nice place to nest. Insulation, electrical wires, the walls in your home. Nothing is safe from or off limits for rodents. Sounds serious, right? Luckily there’s no need to worry about any of it. Our rodent removal expertise means we can help you prevent and mitigate any damage or problems rodents can cause by removing any pests for good.


Professional Help

So, we’ve established rodent removal is crucial. But why do you need our help? Well, rodent control can be tricky to deal with. They are small and shy, so even knowing you have a rodent problem to begin with can be difficult. There small size also makes it easy for them to hide, and if you don’t get them all you can often find yourself back at square one, due to short breeding cycles. Knowing how to effectively locate and remove the entire infestation is important. That’s where we come in. We have all the know how and tricks of the trade to ensure the job gets done effectively and right the first time.


Rats and Mice

By far the most common, and most problematic, pests are mice and rats. They are unhygienic, often carry diseases and can cause untold damage to your home. Nothing is safe from these vermin, as they will chew through and eat just about anything. They are also notoriously difficult to locate, so professional help is definitely recommended to ensure a full removal of these pests. We have a range of services designed specifically to deal with rat and mice infestation. This is in order to ensure your home is safe and clear of any pests.



Although not many people are aware, squirrels are also considered rodents and often bring to bear a lot of the same problems as their counterparts. They can make nests in your home just like other rodents and, in some cases, can also carry diseases, too. Our trapping methods are an effective way to remove and relocate squirrels hassle free. No need to let these rodents cause any damage around your home. Dial (650) 309-1841 to get free quotes.

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