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Can I get pest control near me? If we are in your area of The San Francisco Bay Area, we would like to introduce our services. We are a pest control company providing commercial and residential skunk removal services.

If you have a skunk problem, your first instinct would be to take care of the situation on your own. Well, that might work for other animals, but skunks are a tough catch.

First, skunks spray a chemical liquid from their anal scent glands that can cause serious pain and discomfort. The liquid has a pungent smell that can trigger nausea.

For these reasons, you need to be careful when you approach skunk dens which can be anywhere under a shed or porch. It takes skill to be able to perform a complete removal of all skunks without incurring more damage to your property.

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Qualified Control Experts

Instead of handling it on your own, let us help you get rid of your skunk problems. We have years of experience in dealing with pest removal from homes and offices.

Our team of control experts adheres to the laws and regulations set by the Government on wildlife removal and relocation. We use effective techniques that will safely remove the animals from your premises and prevent future incidents.

With our exclusion services, we make sure we relocate the animals with minimal interruption to their habitual nature. We seal all entry points and leave one opening, which the animals can use as the exit point.

This makes it easy to get rid of all animals and reduces additional damage to your property. We use high-grade, environmental friendly sealing materials. Our aim is to remove pests and make small structural modifications that do not mess the appearance of your home.

Why Hire Us?

By now, you have come across different companies that promise to solve your skunk problem. Before you decide on the provider to use, make sure you are dealing with experts.

We are proud to have worked with multiple clients in The San Francisco Bay Area, who can vouch for our services. Our team of control experts will perform a thorough investigation of your premises to understand the severity of the situation.
Apart from resolving your problem, we want to make sure we leave you with a permanent solution that prevents a recurrence of the same situation. Our services include attic cleanout, barrier installation and guidance on how to take care of your environment.

With a few modifications, you can be able to enjoy your property again without the fear of an impending skunk infestation.

Wide Variety of Services

Part of our solution plan comprises of different services.
We offer:

  • Structure repair
  • Odor diagnosis
  • Exclusion work
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Remove animal secretions and musk
  • Use of non-poisonous animal repellents

A team of professionals in animal control will perform all the services required on your property. We have a friendly customer support team ready to answer any of your questions about our services.

Do you need help with skunk removal? Call us today at (650) 309-1841.

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