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Having a possum around the house is one way to get help clearing the garbage. Sounds like free labor. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Possums are wild animals that have no place sharing your property.

These funny looking creatures are rarely dangerous unless provoked. If you intend to remove the possums on your own, then you need to know how to identify them properly.

Most people confuse possums with large cats. A possum might look furry and cute, but having them in your roof is not safe for you or someone else in your home. We can help you solve your possum problem, but conducting a safe removal.

Searching, “pest control near me” online will provide you a list of different providers. If you are in The San Francisco Bay Area, let us narrow down your search. Our company provides pest control services for residential and commercial clients in your area. We have the capability and experience to handle small and large projects.

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The increase in the possum population is causing them to seek out shelter in homes and yours might be a perfect harborage spot. We are possum removal experts ready to help you reclaim your home. Our team of pest control experts uses humane techniques that ensure the safe relocation of the animals to their natural habitat.

We have a friendly team that would like to know about your pest problem. Through consultation, we can identify their hiding places and devise a pest management plan that works well for your location. With us, you get a personalized solution carefully drafted by our skilled personnel.

Do I need possum removal services?

If you have been hearing scratching noises at night coming from the roof, then it means you have an unwelcome guest in the house.

You might not be able to distinguish the noise as most rodents do make a similar noise. In the case of possum infestation, you will hear a hissing noise followed by sudden movements. If this is your current state, then we can help you out.

Our services involve a home inspection to identify the animal. Next, we can come up with a safe treatment plan that guarantees the safety of our staff and protects the animal.

Not only do you get animal removal services, but we will also fix any damage to your property and schedule an attic cleanout. We offer you an all-inclusive solution where our technicians will also install proofing materials on the entry points.


Control experts, you can trust

We take our work seriously and strive to ensure all our clients are satisfied. Our pros are great in providing quality services regardless of the size of the project.

All our technicians understand the regulations and rules put in place to safeguard wild animals.

Are we in your area? We would like to offer our professional possum removal services. You can get in touch with our responsive team by calling (650) 309-1841. We are always available to help.

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