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Are you looking for assistance with Bat Control in The San Francisco Bay Area? Or, have you previously tried removing the bats and failed terribly? Have these tiny flying animals caused you endless sleepless nights? Are you looking for a long-lasting bat control solution?

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Does Bat Removal in The San Francisco Bay Area involve harming the animals?

No. San Francisco Bay Area Bat Control does not kill any bats in your home. There is no spray, lights, or devices used to get rid of bats in your home. This is because bats are an important part of the ecosystem. Are you wondering why these creatures that have been a nuisance in your home are important?
Bats are usually very active in summer. Their metabolism rises to extremely high. During these months, bats will eat very many moths and beetles that are destructive to crops and other plants. This makes them a perfect substitute for other potentially harmful pest control methods.

San Francisco Bay Area Bat Control Method

The process of removing bats from your home is not easy. Remember that your aim is to remove these bats in the most humane way possible. Also, it involves several time-consuming procedures… Let us do the tiring job for you. Below is our basic bat removal procedure.

First, we completely seal every tiny gap on your home and put in place a one-way exit device that will let the bats out. The most difficult stage of this process is locating all cracks that are large enough to act as possible entry points of bats. If your finger can fit in a gap, then a bat can fit in too.
Once the bats are out, they will search for any available entry point to get back. This means that if the bat exclusion was not done so well, and a crack was left, they will get back inside your home and you may need to redo the whole exclusion procedure.

If the bat exclusion was done the right way, sealing all cracks, the bats will have no entry point. You may notice them hanging outside your home for sometime before they find a new home.

We, San Francisco Bay Area Bat Control, have the right professionals to do a completely effective bat removal exercise.

What Is The Best Time For Bat Removal?

Never do bat exclusions during the maternity season. The maternity season refers to the span of time when female bats are bringing up pups that cannot fly on their own. This time span differs depending on your location but generally falls between mid-May and mid-September.

We are the best at Bat Removal

Bat Control is only as effective as the people who do the work. San Francisco Bay Area Bat Control has enough experience to remove even the most persistent and notorious bats. We can locate the tiniest openings on your home, completely seal them, and the bat problem will be no more.

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