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Household pests in San Ramon are no match for the professional bug killers at Mighty Men Pest Control. When you call us, we handle each infestation with speed, accuracy, and care.

Getting rid of unwanted visitors is our business! We know how to deal with everything from ants to termites without imposing on your privacy. Our technicians are fully equipped for even the most complicated jobs. They wear shoe covers, booties, and gloves at all times before entering your home or business.

Mighty Men Pest Control dispatches exterminators to homes and businesses that are infested with rodents, bed bugs, termites, other pests, or general filth. We’re not happy till you are free of the little annoyances that threaten your comfort. Whatever critter is bugging you, we will get rid of it permanently.

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Humans and roaches have been living together since day one. Indeed, they were here long before us. Our team at Mighty Men Pest Control is here to help you fight back. Our technicians know which methods work best with each breed of roaches.

Take, for instance, the water bug or toe-biter. These pests are quiet and unassuming–until they bite you! They creep up on their prey at night when humans are sleeping. Then they feast on exposed toes and fingers.

What to do about it:

Call Mighty Men Pest Control. Our helpful technicians will rid your home of water bugs for good! California is a powerful state, but we can’t change its laws regarding cockroach extermination. So what you need to know is simple: have one roach in your house, and you will probably have more. Cockroaches are made to withstand nuclear fallout! They breed in huge numbers, in large families.

Don’t hesitate to call if you spot any of these pests or other bugs in your home. We charge a nominal fee for our services–a small price for total freedom from pests forever!

Mighty Men Pest Control is a local, family-style business. We can also rid your home of buggers like:


Termites are detrimental to the structure of any building. They destroy the wood in your home or office. Termites also attack other materials that serve to support a structure’s integrity, such as:

  • Fiberboard
  • Cardboard
  • Paper products
  • Carpeting and padding

Our technicians use effective methods for dealing with termites. We find every last one of them! Then we seal off any entry points, so they have no way to gain entry again.


Spiders can actually be on our side in this fight. They kill and eat insects, after all. In Australia, it’s considered bad luck to kill a huntsman spider. Nevertheless, these arachnids can sometimes be annoying.

If you find yourself under siege by spiders, don’t worry. Mighty Men Pest Control is on the job! Our skilled technicians know how to eliminate them safely and effectively. We can then barricade your home or office against all future invasions of arachnids, both big and small.


When ants march into the house, they have only one thing in mind: getting into the kitchen. They are looking for food or water, and if they find either one, they will make plans to stay.

Our team at Mighty Men Pest Control knows how to deal with ants properly. We know their weak spots–literally! Our exterminators apply chemicals directly to the ant’s body to destroy them effectively without spreading toxins throughout your home. The ants will carry the toxins back to the queen and create a right royal disaster for the colony.

Rats and mice

Just about everyone has seen a mouse, rat, or other rodents at one time or another! They are fast, smart creatures who know how to keep out of sight until the coast is clear. But if there is no food around, rodents may come out to play. Little guys like mice and voles can be cute, but don’t go soft on them invading your home. They spread dirt and droppings; they raid the pantry; some of them even come into the bedroom to play at night.

Mighty Men Pest Control has testimony from its customers. Here’s one story from a woman in San Ramon

Maria V. said, “We had a problem with very aggressive squirrels who were eating our roof, which was causing problems in attics. We contacted three different companies, but no one wanted to take the job because they were too difficult to deal with (including the last one who did not want to help us after he saw them). We finally got in touch with Mighty Men Pest Control. They came on time, put protective covers over their shoes, did a great, job and were very affordable. I highly recommend them if you have any pest control problems!”

And another from Alamo:

Recently, we had an ant problem in the kitchen, and I called them for help. First off, they were very knowledgeable about ants. They asked what type of food we kept in our cabinets and then told me that’s where the ants were getting in from (we didn’t know). He also recommended keeping all of our herbs and spices put away for a while. Then he told me they would be back within the week because they were just nesting, but that is it! And they weren’t gone completely! When I called again, he scheduled an appointment to come out. And this time, he sprayed the outside foundation of our home, and the ants disappeared. As a former customer service manager, I know great customer service when I see it. This is why I will only use Mighty Men Pest Control for all my pest control needs!

Dead Animal Removal

When an animal dies near–or inside your home–the smell can be overpowering. Give us a call, and we will solve the problem quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is safe for your family.

Mighty Men Pest Control uses special tools to locate the dead animal. Then our technicians remove it safely, so you don’t have to deal with any disgusting clean-up tasks. We also deodorize your home’s surroundings–so your family can breathe easy again!

And don’t forget, it isn’t just homes we service. Our team treats commercial buildings, warehouses, even agricultural areas. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to your pest control problem, get in touch with Mighty Men Pest Control today!

Our pest control service is a comprehensive treatment of the entire home. We identify and rid your property of all types of bugs, leaving you free to entertain guests or simply relax at home without worry!

Areas We Service

We service San Ramon along with all of Contra Costa County. This includes towns like:

Alamo, Brentwood, Diablo, Lafayette, Moraga, Oakley, and Orinda.

Don’t hesitate to call if you spot any of these pests in your home. We charge a nominal fee for our services–a small price for total freedom from bugs forever!

Call Mighty Men Pest Control at (925) 369 7605 to get rid of all the little bugs and rodents in your home.

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